Touchpad 2 MIDI

Touchpad 2 Midi is a free VST plugin for Windows that allows you to use the touchpad on your laptop as a midi controller.

The touchpad can be configured as:

  • An XY pad
  • 4 sliders
  • 4 Buttons

At the moment only Synaptics touchpads are supported - we are working on adding support for USB touchpads as well, but have not yet heard from Cirque / Adesso regarding how to read raw data from their touchpads. Some laptops use Alps touchpads these are unfortunately not supported either - Apls have been contacted.

Host compatibility

Touchpad2Midi works as a MIDI plugin in these hosts:

  • Energy XT
  • Plogue Bidule
  • Jeskola Buzz
    use Polac wrapper, connect to master, use right click menu to route midi
  • Cubase
    load in instrument list - shows as midi input device
  • Tracktion
    works on one track only, consider standalone

Standalone operation required with these hosts:

  • Ableton Live
  • Renoise

If your host is not listed please contact and let us know if it works or not

Standalone operation

If Touchpad 2 Midi does not work with your host, you can use it as a standalone application using SaviHost and a virtual midi driver like this one. It works with any virtual midi drivers.

Start by installing the virtual midi cable driver. You will probably have to reboot to use the virtual midi ports.

Download and unzip the file savihost.exe. Rename savihost.exe to Touchpad2Midi.exe, and make sure the file is in the same directory as your Touchpad2Midi.dll. Running Touchpad2Midi.exe will load Touchpad 2 MIDI inside SaviHost.

Now go to devices - MIDI and select one of your virtual midi ports as output. Go to devices - Wave and set the latency to the lowest possible value - select "*no Wave*" as audio output.

The audio latency defines the rate of the outgoing midi – lower latencies means faster MIDI even when audio is disabled.

Finally you probably want to run through the ”view” menu and hide everything you can to reclaim some screen space.

Version history


pressure parameter on the XY pad now outputs zero when the finger leaves the touchpad


Initial release

Own a digitizer tablet?

Check out Tablet 2 MIDI: tablet2midi screenshot More powerful, more controllers, more parameters.